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“In-Person” in Our Lab VS. Online

You have the availability to take the class remotely or in person. Remote Access gives you complete admission via your mobile device of our live lectures. This means you will see a live lecture vs the typical online course that is scripted, pre-orchestrated, and edited. Remote access is basically like taking the course from the seat of your couch. We will also give you the tools that will allow you to practice your pour count and recipes in your home. If you choose the in-person course you will still have access to all of our live lectures plus have access to our Lab.

With either option, you will receive leading edge curriculum and instruction that allows you to learn in the most advantageous way. Our school practices a reverse learning concept, which allows you the ability to learn in the comfort of your home and then come in to our Lab ready to implement the skills needed to be a professional bartender.

Our curriculum flips the learning process which provides you the best possible retention of concepts and allows you to stay on course with any schedule. Our full service Lab uses REAL equipment found in REAL bars.

Our Lab provides:

  • Real soda guns with CO2
  • Real Ice
  • Real Glassware
  • Real bottles with Metal Pour Spouts

Lab Hours:

1 Week Schedule:

  • Monday-Thursday, 10am-5pm or 2pm-9pm

2 Week Schedule:

  • Monday-Thursday, 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm and 6pm-9pm

Weekend Schedule:

  • Weekends are 10am-5pm for two consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
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