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The bartending school is set up using “Reverse learning Philosophy”. This allows every student to study the drinks using our exclusive student portal. Every student is giving access to the portal to enhance their learning experience. The portal contains the e-book, online lectures that can be paused and re-watched, e-flash cards and e-quizzes to make sure each student is given the individual opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Mix and Match Your Schedule!!!

In-person students have the opportunity to mix and match their schedules. Every student needs to start their learning experience on an “Intro day”, (Monday or Saturday) which can be seen on our school calendar. After your intro day is completed you will need to complete the rest of the course using the “Open lab days”. So each student can stick to their assigned schedules (1 week: 10am-5pm, 2pm-9pm, 2 week: 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm, 6pm-9pm, weekend schedule: 10am-5pm) …OR you can mix and match these times as you please. This allows every student the ability to tailor their schedule around work, school or home life. After your start day, the Rest of the learning experience is called “open lab days”. Open Lab days are designed to allow any student at any time to complete the assigned learning modules from the portal. This is all capable because of the online lectures in combination with the “reverse learning philosophy” -of studying at home and coming into the school to practice the practical application of slinging drinks!

Each day in the classroom is structured around 3 basic principles.

  1. Free-pour- Each day you will practice specific free pour amounts assigned by your instructor that our tailored to your classwork for that given day.
  2. Basic mechanics- This is the fundamental mechanics of how to make the drinks from your module. You will make each dink from your module and implement basic mechanics ranging from using two hands, straining, popping the tin and effectively using the back bar and well.
  3. Speed drills- Each day you will have speed drills that are compromised of the module you learned the night before combined with any module that you have previously learned as well. These drills will be compromised of 12 drink recipes that will need to be made in under 9 minutes. We teach and employ special techniques that will allow you to make these drinks in under 7 minutes!
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